Learning how to learn the right way after 25 years.

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Turn 25 this year, lived quarter-life, a graduate, working earning Adult. I have sort of a laid-out plan for future self, a rough plan, let's say an outline maybe entrepreneur, Developer or explorer, let's see.

So I took a bit of time to reflect back, to track my present path, and maybe try to join the dots, corrections if necessary. I'm mean hey as if everything goes as planned. 🤣

Little did I realize, I wasn't going as planned. In fact, It hasn't been correct since school. To be honest…

Emotion Recognition using Tensorflow, simple and easily understandable code.

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The most common application of CNN Computer Vision technology is Image processing. Given the images as input, RGB or BW, we use underlying the pixel data to extract specific information, based on the given label. We then train a CNN network.

If you are just getting started into Computer Vision, the simplest problem to work on would be, Cat and Dog classifier, which you study here.

Problem Statement

The task at hand is to build a Face emotion recognition model, in simple terms an Emotion Classifier, from a given Image input. …

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The best way to stay sharp at your skills is to practice them regularly.

HackerRank is one of the best platforms to practice your coding skills. Their competitions are really challenging.

Project Euler#4 Problem of finding the Largest Palindrome, is a challenging one.

Going through the problem statement, the first question we arise with is,

What is a Palindrome?

A palindrome is a word, phrase, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward — such as Madam.

Similarly, Palindrome number, ex: 101101 🔀 101101

To check for a palindrome number would be to reverse a given number to check…

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Product data scraping from the Ecom website.


Coming off the ages in AI filed we all know how essential having data. For someone working on say a product data for any given product sold online, but you don't have it readily available. What to do, with no data. 😲

What if I say there is a workaround, where you can actually scrape the data from an Ecom website with a few simple steps using Python code. 😁

Python Package

Scrapy, as the name says is to scrape data from the website. …

Building a simple ML classification algorithm and running it as a Flask app.

Hey guys this my first blog on Medium. This is an Iris classification ML model turned into a flask app for hosting on Heroku.

Source — DataCamp

Step 1 —Build the Model

Here we build a Supervised classification model, you can choose from a list of classifier models available. Here I have used a KNN model and achieved an accuracy of 98.66%.

As you can see in the above code we have saved the ML model using joblib, which is necessary for converting into an API.

Step 2 — List of packages required

For a model to run in any environment other than the development we need to have all the necessary packages installed…

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